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In a Competitive World of Business more than just managerial vision and excellent staff, you need to manage information with a superior retail management service, which is best offered by SOOKSHMA.

SORMS provides a real-time information with which user can analyze a complete business view and enhance predictability and thus profitability. By using SORMS Reporting System that acts as a 'digital nervous-system' of user's entire business, gives a complete summary retrieved through the enterprise network. SORMS works best for most of the retail business' like General Provision Stores, Automobile Shops, Footwears, Jewellery Shops, Pharmacies, Hardware Shops, Stationary, Dairy Parlors, Automobile Spares, Electronic Goods & Spares, Sweet Shops, Computer Shops, Garments and Textiles, Restaurants and Bakeries, Furniture Shops, Interiors and lots More.


SORMS offers a system that helps integrate a wide spectrum of user requirements, streamlining business and increase organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality and assurance. We also offer a Comprehensive range of strategic, functional and technical expertise focused exclusively on retail in a very simple, user-friendly and cost-effective manner.

SORMS Features

1) Purchase Management
2) Stock Management
3) Sales Management
4) Inventory
5) Online Orders
6) Reports
7) Services

Purchase Management

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SORMS Purchase Management helps to focus on the strategic side of the business, tracking marketing trends, customer preferences, price trends, cost efficiency, and managing the supply chain. This includes evaluating and qualifying vendor partners, improved negotiations and support the merchandising strategies.

Effective Purchase Management requires the knowledge of supply chain. This helps the user to plan, execute and oversee purchasing strategies that are conducive to profitability. The Purchase Management is very important, as a part of business, its good management technique directly impinges on the bottom-line. One of the fundamentals of purchasing is that, goods are purchased at the best price and terms in order to deliver the best profit!

Stock Management

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SORMS Stock Management minimizes the cost of holding stocks whilst ensuring that there are enough materials in store to satisfy the needs of the user. A good stock management as such will lower the costs, improve efficiency and ensure safety to the user. It helps taking care of bulk buying and time managing. It increases sales through innovation, helps create new marketing opportunities. The System is thus adaptable, flexible, secure and accountable.
SORMS Stock Management provides reports that take just minutes to setup new products and supplies! It helps control clients' total time by allowing to concentrate and dedicate more time to the core business by a streamlined process offered by the system. It is completely adaptable to the user, giving a tailored solution they need. It controls all the stock movements with full stock history, reporting facilities. Users are provided with a customized catalogue for user friendly functionality. Thus, helping the user manage and monitor the system with ease.

Sales Management

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A Sale may take time and multiple interactions with a lead. SORMS Sales Management aides in the process of lead nurturing by keeping a track through reports. Any Information needed is clearly obtained and the system can access information on all the sales leads in one place and can anticipate and meet requirements as and when the need arises.

SORMS Sales Management also allows the user to look at the customer's buying trends historically and look for patterns in their behaviours which will mean, the user can contact them at the suitable times for easy transaction. It also involves the activities of formulation of sales strategy through account management, sales plan, thus ensuring development and implementation of performance, monitoring and analysis.


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The technique of maintaining size of inventory at some desired level keeping in view the best economic interest of an organization is provided at its best by SORMS Inventory Management. At the heart of every good retail management software package lies powerful inventory management system that lets the user know:-
*What we have
*What user wants
*When he needs it
Accuracy in Inventory
With the Inventory, the user gets minute reports on the stock, order and transit. The user needs no more 'assuming' or 'thinking' as the inventory in the software takes optimum care in helping the user reach all the required minute details that a particular stock comprises. Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management and increases service levels by preventing last sales opportunities to retailers. The SORMS Inventory System keeps track of the stocks that are selling best! and those that are not. This is a great way to identify THE STOCK the user can make effective use of.

SORMS Inventory Management involves balancing the costs of inventory with the benefits of inventory:-
*Become truly responsive to user's needs.
*Making scheduling and loading more effective.
*Maintaining a wide assortment of stock, not spreading the rapidly moving ones too thin.
*Increasing inventory turnover, but not sacrificing the service level.
*Keeping stock low that does not sacrifice service on performance.
*Obtaining low prices by making volume purchases.

Online Orders

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SORMS provides a key component with a complete, highly automated and robust Online Order System. The SORMS Online Order System gives the consumer the ability to browse over the menu leisurely, increasing profitability and comfortability of user and consumer.The Online Order System is easy to integrate. Consumers will be excited about adding their preferential stocks through online order system which is a flexible benefit because it offers useful time efficient features for customers and the retailers.

With technology growing in rapid speed, SORMS provides an effective Online Order System that benefits convenience, order and price system accuracy, eliminates hold times, no waiting in line, and no pressure. SORMS Online Order System benefits the retailers with increased sales, decreased employee expenses, reduce the time spent on incorrect ordering and many other conveniences. The Online Order System attracts new customers as the SORMS allows to find the desired stock and allows customer to order before the product is out of stock!It can streamline the ordering process and helps cut down on the time spent on manual work. Thus, it helps save time on man-power that can be used to perform more productive work. image sample1


Quickly track, view and expedite orders: Powerful filtering and drill down capability allows you to quickly access orders by stage or other criteria to identify bottleneck and initiate corrective actions to ensure on time deliveries.

Simplicity Enabled; Complexity Mastered: SORMS Systems combine remarkably rich functionality with unmatched flexibility. In simple terms, online order system allows customers to order in any way they choose to, thus ensuring efficiency and profitability of customer operations. For the user, the integration Online Order Management with business analytics gives rich insight to the current operations so that the user can fine-tune their process and adjust inventory distribution to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and accelerate order delivery. SORMS Online Order System is highly scalable, allowing user to easily handle spikes in activity during peak periods and to support rapid growth in the number of customers, transactions, products and supplies.


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SORMS provides a Reporting System that provides access to detailed information of the consumer's purchase and sale. The Software provides reports of the particulars of the stocks purchased/sold, that are provided very efficiently to enhance a user-friendly service to the customer. It helps to collect the data and deliver through reports that are customized to meet the user's need.
We at SORMS offer:-
1. Daily Reports.
2. Monthly Reports.
3. Quarterly Reports.
4. Yearly Reports.
5. Profit-Loss Reports.
6. Product Reports.
7. VAT Reports.
8. Debit/Credit Reports.

Committing to the achievement of specific results that support you in reaching your goals is the discipline required. Thus, the real battle is the daily and monthly responsibility to successfully implement short term action plans which, when completed in total, results in the accomplishment of your long term goals. Tracking key indicators is the discipline one needs to be assured of either hitting your objectives or having an opportunity to make adjustments to assure the best result possible. "Track, monitor and control" is what we call it, with control being the act of making the appropriate adjustments needed to improve performance. Teaching and monitoring performance is a discipline one needs to develop.

image sample1The point is, Success occurs only through implementation of a specific action plan. By tracking, monitoring and controlling the results through key indicators, you have the ability to make the appropriate adjustments and reach your goals. Once done, a new cash flow should also be made and reviewed to see the impact on your projections and to understand what adjustments need to be made for maximum success to be realized. Track, monitor and control - a key indicator system that measures success or productivity in some meaningful way as you go. Have a plan, check your key indicators and adjust to succeed. The mere fact that you have a plan and are not just trying your best gives life to your projections and creates results that may not have occurred from merely trying your best.

The Reports enable to look at the stock on hand for each of the major categories. The reports cover the sales, margin and gross profit performance of each of the stocks. Profit-Loss measures the activity of a business over a period of time usually a Quarter/Year. The Financial Reports basically tells you, your revenue, expenses, profit and loss. Keeping in mind that in almost all circumstances, Profit is not same as cash flow.

Product Reports

SORMS offers flexible and comprehensive product classification by providing Product Reports that suits your business needs. The SORMS Product Reports are classified into three categories:-
a) Monthly Product Reports.
b) Quarterly Product Reports.
c) Yearly Product Reports.
Accurate reporting of all the product transactions lead to better management and increases service levels by preventing lost sales opportunities. Comprehensive tracking on same product purchased from different vendors with different purchase cost and same MRP but different sales price leads to efficient price management. SORMS gives the reports of each product, the total purchase quantity of the respective product,the average rate in which the sale is on, total sales quantity of the stock, average sales rate and profit-loss of the products being purchased. The SORMS Product Report helps the user to get a complete history of the Product Sales, making more accurate business flow.

VAT Reports

VAT is a multi-stage levied at each stage of the value addition chain, with a provision to allow input tax credit on tax paid at an earlier stage, which can be appropriated against the VAT liablitity on subsequent sale. SORMS VAT Reports provides detailed reports of Purchase VAT, Sales VAT.It also provides the Complete VAT Reports. It enables the user to view Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Product VAT Reports, accordingly to the user?s desire. You can also pay the VAT for the particular month.

Debit/Credit Reports

Debits/Credits are a system of notation used in bookkeeping to determine how to record any financial transaction. Debit/Credit Reports allows you to access the reports. You can check the Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Debit/Credit Reports for the selected user accounts.


Business Advisory

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Proper guidance in any Endeavour is necessary for success, as much as it is in finding such a guiding force. SORMS offers complete and impactful Business Advisory Services to its clients, who range from small retail stores to Super Markets looking for financial stability and business growth. With a team of highly experienced professionals at its backend, SORMS provides Business Advisory with a practical approach to success resplendent through the execution of business strategies based on tough choices. The services are designed to help clients to get introduced to new operational practices and business approaches that has sharper efficiency, which enhances and improves business. Our tested team of professionals serve the company throughout the business lifecycle, helping them in their efforts to emerge stronger and smarter.

Financial Advisory

image sample1Organizations frequently face the difficulties related to finance and they require special expertise to better uncover evidentiary matters, find assets, develop claims, value and restructure their business. SORMS Financial Advisory Services include identifying financial issues, assist with pleading and discovering issues. Investing was not so difficult earlier, but from past few years newer and complex products have been introduced, however the complexity of these products has made investing difficult. SORMS Financial Advisory solves problems by making investing simple! We also guide what is good for you and your wealth, and suggest you with lot of options.


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Success includes a proven methodology, implementation and support. SORMS provides all the services you need to implement and support your business. Our team consists of experienced and certified consultants, developers and technicians who work collectively to suggest the best solutions to meet you and your team to understand organizational process, infrastructure, so that we can provide you with a successful plan. The combination of classroom education and real time exposure on the SORMS training, gives you an experience to build a strong, diverse skill set. It helps you to successfully lead your business, including understanding your customer needs, analyzing business, identifying trends and leading a cross functional team. The Training is open to people who are aware and unaware of the basics of computer system. A Week long training experience will facilitate you the best of all foundation skills and capabilities so that you can run a successful retail store!
SORMS Training (End to End) includes:-
a) Usage of Purchase Management.
b) Usage of Sales Management.
c) Usage of Stock Management.
d) Dealing with Reports.
e) Inventory Management.
f) Understanding Online Orders.

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